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Tri-Boro Shelving Parts

Tri-Boro Sway Braces, Label Holders, Reinforcements,
Shelving Clips & Hardware.

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Tri-Boro Shelving is manufactured in the widest range of
sizes available in the industry. When used in combination
this array of sizes can meet the most demanding of custom
The flanged shelf is manufactured from cold rolled steel
and has “Triple Bends” on all four sides for incomparable

Flange Shelves are available in both 20 GA. and 18 GA.
material thickness. Class 0 is designed for applications
that do not require extreme load bearing strength.
The addition of 1 Re-Bar will increase bearing strength
by about 50%. The addition of 2 Re-Bars will increase the
bearing strength by over 100%.

Boxer Shelf
Boxer Shelves are constructed of 22, 20 or 18 gauge

Boxer Shelf

Boxer Shelf

steel with full welded box formation in front and back of
the shelf and have formed channels on both ends. All
corners are lapped and welded for additional strength.
The box formation is welded on a 6″ center minimum to
provide integrity the entire length of the box. All shelves
have a box profile height of 1-1/4″. All box shelves
accommodate either clip or nut and bolt connection
to the upright.


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