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At Progressive Sales, we provide a wide array of industrial storage, handling and warehouse products with help of specialized manufacturers. You can use the ‘search’ the box above for specific items you may be looking for assistance with locating parts, or manufacturers. We are available via text, chat, phone or email, to discuss and help you find what you need. The online catalog has many products that you can search for including a ‘search’ box area too. Included in this navigation is a PDF version of our print catalog as well. Same products as the online version, just in PDF format, you can search this catalog as well by hitting ‘Ctrl F’ and it search the entire book for that product.

If you’re not sure exactly what product you may need, we’ve broken down the categories to help navigate the segments further. ‘Space Utilization’ features items that will help you find products that will do just that in your facility. ‘Product Movement’ features items that would be the handling parts that move your product safely and ergonomically. Finally ‘Safety Products’ provide items that relate to the equipment to protect and safeguard equipment and products but more importantly- life. We are constantly adding and changing these categories as new products come out. If you would like to have these new products sent to you, please just opt into our mailing list.

Dock board with lifting loops, and safety locking pins- provided by Bluff Mfg

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