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Shelving Supported Mezzanines

If you have parts storage, using a shelving supported mezzanine can be the way to go. Why is this so? Because shelving mezzanines utilize the shelving posts (uprights) to support the upper deck. This saves the use of standard columns and beams. In addition, this allows the parts area to use efficient use of existing overhead space. If you need a clear span mezzanine, we can also provide that -it may be the best use of the overhead space for your situation, but we can we can provide a free no obligation review of your situation.

See shelving mezzanine components used in simulated installation plan. Provided by Bilt Industries.

We can custom engineer your space to use that valuable overhead space for storage. By using various types of shelving – from wide span for large parts to modular drawers for small parts storage, we can provide an all around versatile, flexible and expandable mezzanine for your parts storage.

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