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Stronghold Industrial Grade Cabinets

Without a doubt, Stronghold cabinets are made to last.

Here is some info about them directly from their website, but please scroll below for a really cool video of a cabinet being destroyed….

About Stronghold Cabinets:

“In 1993, we set out to design the ultimate industrial storage product. Our vision was to manufacture a product capable of withstanding the treatment common to an industrial environment. Included in this vision was the need to securely store heavy tools and valuables. Strong Hold is the realization of this vision. Our storage cabinets, lockers, shop desks, and related products are the strongest, most secure in the marketplace. Our products can be found in manufacturing, warehousing, pharmaceutical, financial, and educational facilities throughout the U.S. Our determination doesn’t stop here. We continue to meet the ever changing needs of the most important people we know, our customers!

Strong Hold is committed to achieving total customer satisfaction. Implementing and maintaining an efficient, effective quality management system can aide us in achieving this goal. This can be accomplished through the continuous improvement of our manufacturing process, ongoing training of our employees and dedication to understanding our customers’ needs.

Our Mission

To provide industry with American made, durable, heavy duty storage and workspace solutions emphasizing fast on-time delivery, high level customer service, and exceptional quality.

About Our Products

DURABLE – Everything we make starts with high strength steel. It’s then precision cut with a laser, formed, welded, steam-cleaned and coated to produce a solid, strong and dependable industrial storage solution.

FAST – Our products ship completely assembled and ready to use. There is no lost time for assembly, shelving installation or setup.

ECONOMICAL – Our production methods allow us to pass savings on to you. Strong Hold’ cabinets are comparably priced to competing light gauge steel cabinets, yet provide a far superior, lasting product. There are no minimum order quantities at Strong Hold.

SECURE – Our three-point locking system is designed for a heavy padlock. This feature, along with our cast handle and 8-gauge hinge, compliments the all-welded design. See our other secure locking options.”

Interested in their products?  Here is an awesome you-tube video of cabinet being destroyed. After watching, contact us either by chat/email..


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