Frick Gallagher

Frick Gallagher Shelving, Bins and Rotabins 

We can help you with any particular part or accessory you are in need of:
Dividers, clips, posts, rotabin bearings, pans, we have it all.

Frick Gallagher products have been around for over a hundred years. They had made shelving (which we can still obtain) and Rotabins. Rotabins are now made by Durham Manufacturing and are the most famous. These handy dandy spinning units utilize cramp spaces or corners that are hard to get to for small parts and storage. If you need shelving parts, bins, please call us. If you need Rotabin parts too, please call. If you need standard size units of Rotabins, please select below to learn more and order them.

By using Frick Gallagher products you achieve:

SAVE SPACE – Concentration is the key. By eliminating wasted space found on the ends of a conventional shelving unit, circular Rotabin® shelves greatly increase the amount of usable space per square foot. Just as important, they have the ability to provide usable space where none existed; in corners, aisle ends and under counters.

SAVE TIME – A 34 inch diameter Rotabin® shelf holds more than two 36 inch x 12 inch shelves. Since each shelf rotates independently more parts can be picked while standing in one place with a Rotabin® than can be picked walking along 6 linear feet of traditional rectangular shelving.

SAVE MONEY – Only Durham Rotabin® units offer as many revolving shelf options. Standard units are available in five different diameters. A wide variety of heights with a number of accessories make them even more versatile and efficient.

Frick Gallagher Rotabins and Shelving accessories

Industrial strength shelving that assembles quickly and safely in open and closed configurations. Strongbox front posts allow more usable space in the front corners and, as the name implies, add muscle to the unit. Ease of assembly is another welcome feature, using Lickety-Clips to locate shelves — and to rearrange shelves at a moment’s notice. Lickety-Clip® shelf clips secure each shelf corner making it easy to change shelf locations as your needs change.

The Klip-BILT® II shelving system combines versatility with industrial durability. Start with a basic post and shelf configuration. Add shelf dividers and drawers to fill particular requirements. Use side cross braces and back cross braces for open-type shelving. Add side panels, back panels or even doors for closed configurations.

Shelves locate firmly, quickly and easily on four clips. No bolts or tools required. Shelves can be rearranged just as fast with no tipping. Straight in or out, straight up or down.

The Lickety-Klip® is a sturdy, dependable compression clip. Fits easily into place at whatever height you want, independently of clips for shelves in adjacent units. Fits into holes pre-punched on 1 1/2″ centers.

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