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Cotterman Safety Ladders

Cotterman has provided quality safety ladders to the industry since 1925.

They have multiple shipping locations to provide the ladder you need while reducing transit time, which results in lower freight costs and lessens the possibility of damage related to transit times.

Rolling metal ladders are used in a variety of applications in warehouses and stockrooms.  Below are their product lines that we can assist and provide support to your application with knowledgeable and responsive answers.

Workmaster ladders are constructed to provide the most rugged and durable construction available in the industry.

Step stands and stools are additional lines that they offer in aluminum and steel, that are convenient and heavy duty in serrated and non-slip surfaces.

Tilt and Roll is their easiest ladder to move ladder available.  Quick and easy!

Fixed Ladders are constructed in a variety of applications that require safe access to vertical locations is needed.

Stock ‘n store ladders are used in office, retail and industrial applications that are easy to use and easy to store.


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