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About Us

Our objective at Progressive Sales is to provide help and support to our customers in solving space constraints or material handling issues, while at the same time building a long lasting relationship based on performance.  Since 1985 we have been solving these issues related to tool rooms, warehouse areas or office space.  With varied applications of products we achieve solutions that save money and time.  These products include prefab structural mezzanines, prefab offices, shelving, protective railing, wire partitioning. Our line of products filters down to include all aspect of organization and space utilization to meet your requirements.

To determine your exact requirements, we can spend a few moments on the phone to discuss.  We also can provide a free on site analysis of your area to determine what may be required.  We can discuss ceiling heights, layouts and other questions you may have.  Once this is determined, we can provide working drawings that can be used to establish layouts that help in the process.  We use this information gathered to provide a quote to you.

There are many products that we use to provide additional space at a lowered cost as well to fit your particular need.  Since every situation is different, we can give you options that may solve the issue at hand.

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