Prefab Structural Mezzanines

We have specialized in providing prefab mezzanines inside your existing facility.  These handy dandy structures easily transform existing un-used airspace (which is not being utilized) into usable space.  Because it is a second floor over an existing space, it consolidates the area for either storage or office space, or whatever may be needed.  We have even dropped our columns thru existing ceilings and then are put the support beam right over the ceiling with no disruption to your space, or having to tear out existing walls move equipment- we have worked right around all this and then the area can be used!  These mezzanines are prefabricated offsite at the manufacturer’s facility and then delivered to you and assembled.  We supply all the drawings required to review the mezzanine prior to fabrication of the mezzanine.  Once these drawings are approved (with perhaps changes made) and signed off on, it generally takes about 5-6 weeks for fabrication to be completed and the mezzanine is now loaded and shipped to your location. Once unloaded in a staging area and verified to installation drawings, items can now be assembled until completion.  To give you an idea of installation time, a 20 x 20 mezzanine could be completely installed with railing and stairs within a 5 day work week.

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