IFH Fluid Handling Systems

55-gallon drum storage is becoming a thing of the past. There is a better way to handle all kinds of oils, lubricants and industrial fluids that is easier…safer…cleaner…and much more cost-effective.

IFH System Benefits
Clean, efficient product transfer
Total spill containment
No wasted product
Store product right next to the work area

Full regulatory compliance
Modular and expandable
No drum cleaning, tipping, switching or replacing
Frees up valuable floor space
21 standard systems available

The IFH Group has the Innovative Solution to 55-gallon drum storage. Now you can eliminate 55-gallon drums forever with the IFH Fluid Storage and Dispensing System.
With 55-gallon drums, actual product inventory is a guessing game that often results in product shortages or costly extra drums of back-up product. Drum pumps leave 2 to 5 gallons of product in “empty” containers, which can add up to hundreds of wasted dollars annually.Do you need better organization of your fluid dispensing operations?

If so,  we can assist you in your operations.  Click here to view brochure PDF

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