Our objective at Progressive Sales is to provide help and support in utilizing existing floor space with a custom installed mezzanine or prefab office and other industrial products.  Since 1985 we have been solving space constraints from tool rooms to office space.  These two distinct products can be used separately or together to create a modern looking structure that can be used in many ways and in various configurations.

Additionally, we do have compatible products that are used in conjunction with these buildings and structures, including shelving, protective railing, wire partitioning to section secure areas inside office or mezzanine area.  Our line of products filters down to include all aspect of organization and space utilization.

To determine your exact requirement, we can spend a few moments on the phone to discuss.  We also can provide a free on site analysis of your area to determine whether this system may be right for you.  We can discuss ceiling heights, layouts and other questions you may have.  Once this is determined, we can provide working drawings that can be used to establish the sizes determined.  We use this information to then provide a quote to you free of charge.

There are other products that we can use as well to provide additional space at a lowered cost as well.  Perhaps a shelf supported mezzanine would be a better fit- as an example.  Since every situation is different, we can give you options that may solve the issue at hand.

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