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"Material arrived on time- were exactly on time, professional, courteous,cleaned during and after you left. They sound like little things, but you don't get quality service much anymore- everything went as planned- on time, at quoted cost, and professional courteous service. What more can you ask for?" - Alan


"Your service was great. My locations love the carts! I appreciate your thorough follow up and research... I look forward to working with you on other needs we will have in the future. Again thanks for all your effort and support on this order." - Mike













Products that promote safety and organization.

Everyone likes to have a clean, safe and neat environment to work in. It aids in productivity, it creates a working atmosphere that fosters self-respect and gives the company a good name. Additionally, it reduces possible injuries and boosts productivity. The storage and handling products that we provide encourage all of these positive traits and qualities that we would all like in our businesses. 

As an example of this, think about the last time you went to the store and got that annoying shopping cart that the wheel either made the ‘thump’ ‘thump’ ‘thump’ as you rolled it along because it is missing a part of the rubber on the wheel, or maybe it is stuck so you have to push the cart sideways to make it go straight.  Either way, you were envious of the other shoppers that had the ‘good’ cart or maybe you tried to get another cart.  What happened to that sunny disposition that we had before we got there?  All because of a wheel- we were not near as productive- we wasted time and thought of a cart that worked.  We didn’t respect ourselves because we selected the worst cart available and was embarrassed as others looked at us and said to themselves “what a poor soul.”  And now we perhaps have to deal with the early stages of carpal tunnel because our wrist is out of whack from uneven pushing.  Yes this example is extreme and a bit humorous. But still, it demonstrates that having a good clean wheel is the best way to go.

Take under our dock equipment category the lowly stabilizing jack.  This piece of safety equipment goes under the trailer of a semi-truck.  It basically keeps the trailer from tipping up when a fork-lift goes inside with a load, all the way to the head of the trailer and provides additional stability to the trailer while at the dock. With this piece of equipment, the operator knows several things: (1) you care about him because you want to keep him around (2) you care about his safety (3) you care about the goods being loaded (4) you care about the building and the equipment.  You care!  Yes, all the equipment related to this part of the facility- wheel chocks, signs, dock lights, dock bumpers all these simple pieces of equipment have a major impact in the demeanor, productivity and avoidance of injuries to those that we work with.  Important indeed! What products can help achieve the same result? See below for examples:

Heavy Duty Shelving, Record Storage, Bulk Racks, Rivet Racks, Cantilever, Wire Shelving

wire shelving

cantilever rack

wire shelving

Bulk storage racks, FastRak Bulk Storage Shelving, Boltless Shelving, Pallet Rack, Black Z-Beam Shelving, Cantilever Rack, Wire Shelving

Cabinets, Bin Cabinets, Shelf Truck, Work Stations, Fire Cabinets, Bulk Shelving

Clearview CabinetBin CabinetRotabinMetal Compartment BoxesShelf TruckMesh Stock TruckMobile Work StationsFlamable Cabinets

Mobile Carts and Fluid Dispensing Systems and Storage

Mobile Fluild Handling Carts

Stainless Steel Shelf Trucks, Plastic Tote Trucks, Security Trucks, Work Stations, Work Centers, Specialty Carts, Stock Trucks

Stainless Steel Shelf CartStainless Steel Work StationModel YBModel VRModel RVModel RJModel SRModel CD

Lockers, Rivet Well Boltless Shelving, Safety Railing

LockersStandard LockersRivetwell ShelvingSafety RailingFort Knox Modular Utility Workbench

Additional Product Lines:

Dock equipment would be all associated items related to your dock area- either the receiving area or loading dock. This would also include products that might be outside your dock area.  Use of these and related products make the dock a safe, clean and workable area not to mention cost savings from proper use of equipment and people not endangering others or themselves- which results in pain finacially and physically.

Security is related to the dock as well. Pillage and keeping unwanted visitors (human i.e. salesman, truck drivers, even employees) to animal (birds and bugs) is always a consideration. We can determine what type of security situation you have and recommend equipment to do that job. From expandable gates, bug barriers and wire mesh security cages all will accomplish this task. We can help. Give us a call to discuss.

Safety and Ergonomics

Our wide range of Safety products and related Ergonomic (the applied science of equipment design intended to reduce operator fatigue and discomfort) Products will help your operations remain comfortable and will reduce the possibility of accidents. 

Storage and Handling

Storage related products entail a wide range of applications- storage of finished goods to storage of maintenance related items. From pallet sized material utilizing pallet racking to small finished good using FIFO all require differing equipment and applications. This even includes Liquid Handling and Storage of products used in your operations from gear oil to antifreeze.

We have the knowledge to help in your application and can help you determine what will work best. Why not give us a call today?

Handling of your products is what moves your product in and out and around of your facility. How this is accomplished is what separates the winners from the losers. Accomplished by power driven equipment or physical movement of product using conveyors or hand truck  and even hand loading in some instances (shipping containers for example). In every aspect of movement, there are safety and ergonomic considerations that can speed the process and make it safe. We can help in figuring out what would be the best use of equipment in your particular situation.